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An online platform that finds the best insurer for your van

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We built an online platform that helps you customise and compare insurances to find the best pick for your van

During our initial meetings, we spent time with the founders of Vaninsurance.co.uk, to understand their requirements and identify the success criteria and scope of work. The founders wanted to reimagine insurance, so they started by simplifying all the information around plans, and putting an end to the rampant mis-selling. With tons of insurers flooding the market, finding the best insurance for your van is not an easy task. Our team was required to create a platform that makes skimming through thousands of policies much easier.

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Simpler, quicker and better-suited insurance for all vans

The new Van Insurance site transformed its digital strategy by making information more readily available and getting quotes and updates a reality. The get quote section puts the insurance products options front-and-centre. The platform lets van owners enter their van details and get customised van insurance quotes in minutes.


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