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Fresh produce in minutes

An online system that helped in doorstep delivery of fresh fruits and veggies during the lockdown.

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Here’s how we gave a new face to grocery deliveries in Goa

Local delivery systems gained popularity during the Covid-19 crisis since moving to get supplies was not very feasible. Initially, the client approached us with an idea of building a fruit and vegetable delivery website which would allow customers to order fresh produce online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

tasty plums
tasty plums
Tasty plum brought the local ‘bazaar’ at the fingertips of its users

Tasty Plum, based in Goa, is an online fresh fruit and vegetable delivery platform that allows customers to search by category, browse fresh produce, and find specific products that meet their needs. Everything is delivered to the customer's door in 30 minutes. Delivery can also be scheduled at the customer's convenience. Tasty Plum’s mission is to make grocery shopping simple, quick, and enjoyable for its customers.


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