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Park better with Parko

A simple app meant to organise and speed up the paid parking process at busy parking lots.

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The main goal of the Parko is to allow car park attendants to perform their tasks more efficiently.

With more and more tourists visiting popular tourist destinations in Goa, managing the flocking vehicles was difficult. During peak seasons like Christmas and New Year, the process of producing the tickets needed to be quick, simple and efficient to avoid problems like traffic congestion, illegal parking, parking brawls, etc.

The Parking management company handling the paid parking company approached us with their concerns and we readily took up the challenge. We found that their previous software was difficult to use as it lacked the features they required and had other unessential features.


Manage all devices in one place with The Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard lets the admin manage and customize the tickets, assign devices to employees, view statistics of the number and type of vehicles, generate daily/monthly revenue reports, manage employees and much more.

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We created a sophisticated parking-management app from the ground up

The application has two interfaces, one for the admin and one for the parking attendants. The attendants use the app on android POS devices hence we kept the software concise and easy to use cutting down a lot of unnecessary steps.

The fastest solution for parkers

The customer quickly receives a ticket allowing the employee the attend to customers much faster. The payment can be made through cash as well as UPI and cards.



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Gone are the days of waiting in a parking lot queue!

We're trying to make it easier for people to park in lots. There are many parking apps already, but we want to make ours better by integrating a ticketing engine and a database of historical lot data.


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