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- How we automated Paraplanning


Learn how we brought Paraplanning into the 21st century.

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Paraplanning no longer needs to be slow and old-fashioned, thanks to Para-dox.

When you think of Paraplanning companies, you don’t typically relate them to companies like Deliveroo or Uber, who reimagined old fashioned industries by offering a streamlined platform with single-tap payments. With Para-dox, we were given the task to do exactly that, but for this time for the Paraplanning industry.

Users can now login to their Para-dox account, and have their paralegal documents delivered to them, via the portal, within 72 hours. They are able to view the status of the order, with live updates during the 48 hour period, and can make payments in a single tap using a pre-saved card.

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How the Para-dox processes work, from start to finish:

1. Submit a Case: Submit your case details using simple pre-programmed fields and easily upload supporting documents directly to the system.
2. Make a Payment: Make a payment for your case in a single tap, using a pre-saved credit/debit card that is saved to your Para-dox wallet.
3. Case Preparation: Once the Para-dox team has everything they need, their team of Paraplanners will prepare your report within three days.
4. Live Status and Tracking: You can follow the progress of your report with live tracking available throughout the process; from acceptance right through to delivery.
5. Review and Accept: Once your case has been finalised by the Para-dox Quality Assurance Team, you will be able to download and review your document.


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