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An app that helps you manage every policy under one roof

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We designed and developed a comprehensive insurance app that lets you control all your different policies under one umbrella

The WeCompare team wanted to go one step beyond the traditional insurance website where users can only compare and buy insurance policies. Managing different insurance policies can be quite tedious, especially if you have different insurers, renewal dates, documents, contact details and more. We had a goal to create a bit more universal insurance app where users can easily manage their policies as well. Our designers and developers were quite excited about this project and it's safe to say did more than justice to it

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The My Portal App

We came up with an elegant solution that allows you to manage all your different policies from your various insurers and brokers. Also, the application has a document scanner using which users can upload their policy details for a paperless experience.

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Innovative Product Award - Technology

Our My Portal App was the recipient of one of the most prestigious awards in technology. It was awarded the Innovative Product Award - Technology at the National Insurance Awards ‘22.


The client provides price comparison, features and cover for Van, Car, Bike, Business, Home, Pet, Life and more. They’re an IT-driven company and by harnessing the latest cutting edge technologies, offer the best user experience in the market, with revolutionary quote journeys and stunning user interfaces.



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