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We built a well-designed website along with an admin dashboard for one of the best casinos in Goa

Majestic Pride is Goa's largest offshore casino that provides a full experience including exciting games, live entertainment, delectable food, and the thrill of a fantastic evening. They host a range of both international and Indian games, such as Roulette, Black Jack, Mini Flush, Baccarat, and the unique progressive Jackpot Slot Machines, providing its customers with the most diverse gaming experience.

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The booking section on the website lets customers choose and book their packages from the website. We made sure the designs we kept simple, accessible and empathetic to the target users.

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We made sure that the overall feel of the website is ‘Majestic’ and in line with the company’s brand.

Staying true to its nature, the casino website is designed with luxury colours, to bring life to the website. At the same time, it maintains its well-designed UI that manages to lead the user to the required option easily and quickly. The site offers a variety of casino-related functionalities like an admin dashboard for the employees and a ticket booking section for customers.

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