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Ifbb Physique America
The IFBB was created in 1946 and is the fourth largest sporting federation in the world.

We were given the task to rebrand the IFBB website. They wanted us to bring them into the new age of digital presence while still keeping the retro feel the IFBB is known and loved for.

Being one of the more simple tasks presented to our team, it left us with lots of room for creativity. We decided to keep the old school IFBB colours while updating the UI to make it more user friendly

Ifbb Physique America Website
Joe & Ben Weider.

The IFBB was founded by the two brothers in 1946. It now includes 196 nations and is recognised by over 90 National Olympic Committees. It was also a medalist sport in the 2019 Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru.

The IFBB holds over 2,500 competitions at the local level through to world championships. Some noteworthy competitions include the Arnold Classic and the IFBB World Fitness Championships.


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