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- How we created a declicous brand


Learn how we created a ‘happy’ website and branding for ‘the Happiness Shop’.

butterfingers website design
butterfingers websiet development
We designed and developed a delicious-looking website that boosted sales for a local cake shop

ButterFingers approached us with the goal to create a ‘happy’, ‘friendly’ and ‘delicious-looking’ website for their successful cake store that would lead to increased awareness of their brand online and ultimately lead to an increase in sales.

Our designers couldn’t wait to get their hands on this project, and it’s safe to say they had a lot of fun. They came up with a number of cartoon-style illustrations of a kid enjoying their products, which they placed around the beautifully designed website. Since going live Butterfingers have reported a nice upswing in sales, as their website traffic continues to increase.

UI/UX Design
Their secret to providing happiness to customers, one cake at a time.

ButterFinger’s began spreading happiness on August 24th 2011 as Goa was gearing up to celebrate 50 years of liberation. Born out of passion and love it has been the sole motive of Butterfingers to ensure that happiness in the form of cakes is delivered to as many houses as possible in Goa.

Now with their new website, they’ve been able to spread their secret of happiness to more people than ever before.


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