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The Quick Quote

A platform that enables agents to create customer quotes for customers

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We developed a sophisticated agent-centric platform complete with an intuitive interface, empowering insurance professionals to generate accurate quotes.

Altissima is software created for Insuretech, a prominent UK-based insurance agency with a strong focus on providing exceptional services to its customers. With a diverse portfolio of insurance products and a dedicated team of agents, they were determined to enhance their efficiency and streamline their sales processes. The insurance industry is highly competitive, and Insuretech recognized the need to stay ahead by embracing technological advancements. They sought a solution that could automate insurance processes while ensuring personalised and accurate quotes for their clients.

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Better Sales, Better Customer Service

Thanks to Altissima, Insuretech successfully transformed its sales operations and revolutionized the way it interacted with its customers. By embracing Altissima's intuitive interface and advanced features, they could generate customized quotes efficiently, enhance customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in a highly competitive insurance landscape.

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Activity Log that supercharged efficiency

A centralized location to monitor all user activity within the Altissima platform . This helped identify areas for improvement and ensure agents are providing exceptional customer service.






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