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The 21 Day Tone Up mobile app, was one of our own in-house projects

Having done a lot of the research in the health and fitness market, we decided to target a relatively untouched area of the market; 21-day plans. There were all sorts of workout and diet apps available to download, but none of them seemed to offer short, concise three-week plans, which we found to be not only an achievable time frame for our users, but also a long enough time frame for them to see real results.

It seemed that Apple agreed that a 21-day plan was much needed, and only days after launching the app, we found ourselves featured in the ‘Our Latest Favourites’ and ’New Apps We Love’ section on the App Store.

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We’ve looked to address two fundamental issues with workout plans today:

1. Most plans are simply too long, as they aren’t broken up into achievable milestones, making them hard to stick to, as they end up taking a toll on your body, both mentally & physically. This is why we offer high-intensity 21 Day Plans, followed by a 7 Day Active Rest Week. By the time you have completed your first plan, working out & eating well will have become habits. The 7 Day Rest Week, will then give your body time to regenerate, allowing you to enter your next 21-day plan rested & stronger. Once you’ve completed this 21/7 cycle three times, you will have essentially created a new, healthier lifestyle.

2. Most other plans fail to offer a diet plan, which is arguably the most important aspect if you are looking to see serious results. Thus, we integrated a fully customisable diet planner that featured macro counting, water tracking and much more.

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The Plans

Choose from a range of full body and targeted 21-day plans, that are designed to deliver visible, lasting results in just three weeks. Once you have finished a 21-day plan, we recommend that you choose a 7-day recovery plan before picking another 21-day plan, to maximise your results!

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The Meals

Customise your own meal plan each day by choosing your own breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!


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21 days mobile application

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