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Designway Press Kit

We specialize in all aspects of app, web and
video design and development.

The guidelines that follow will help
you correctly make use of our
brand assets.

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The Logo


This is the main Designway logo. It should be used in this form whenever possible.

Inverted Logo

This version with the white wordmark works well on dark and busy backgrounds.

The Glyph

The main logo always comes first

However, in certain situations where space is tight, for instance when the logo has to be within a square or circle shape, you can use our glyph.

The Colors

Website Colors

Logo Colors

Text Colors

The Best Practices

designway logo

Don’t use the wordmark alone

designway logo

Don’t stretch or squeeze it

designway logo

Don’t rotate it

designway logo

Don’t use busy backgrounds

designway logo

Don’t use against other colored backgrounds

designway logo

Don’t use shadows

designway logo

Don’t create your own version


If you’re feeling unsure about proper use of our logo, it’s always good to ask! Send us an email at [email protected]